Welcome to BoozArt:

Redefining Art in the Digital Era


At BoozArt, we are passionate about revolutionizing the way art is experienced and shared in the digital age. As a pioneering platform, we specialize in creating immersive virtual galleries and tailored solutions that empower artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. Our mission is to bridge the gap between traditional art forms and cutting-edge technology, providing a dynamic space where creativity knows no bounds.

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Our Visions


Art Fusion

Seamlessly blend traditional art with cutting-edge technology.

Global Reach

Provide artists worldwide with tools to showcase their work globally.

Immersive World

Create interactive experiences that transcend physical limitations.

Vibrant Hub

Foster a community celebrating creativity and innovation.

Get to know

our team


Hocem Bendali

Co-Founder CEO
Introducing Hocem Bendali, our CEO, and co-founder, also leading as CEO at Ziara360. With a profound background in VR, Hocem drives our innovative journey at BoozArt. His leadership propels us toward redefining art experiences through immersive technology, empowering creators and enthusiasts worldwide.
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Hakim Bendali

Co-Founder CTO
Meet Hakim Bendali, our co-founder and CTO at BoozArt. As the architect of our systems and development manager, Hakim ensures your artistic vision becomes a reality. With his expertise and dedication, he plays a pivotal role in crafting immersive art experiences for our audience.

Robert Muigo

Introducing Robert Muigo, our talented 3D designer at BoozArt. Robert specializes in creating captivating virtual spaces that bring art to life. With his keen eye for detail and artistic flair, he transforms concepts into immersive environments that elevate the art experience.

Anne Merunga

Designer /Decorator
Introducing Anne Merunga, our space decorator at BoozArt. Anne is responsible for infusing each virtual space with life, ensuring it reflects the subject matter of the artworks. With her keen eye for detail and creative vision, she enhances the overall immersive experience for our audience.

Jeogina Muriska

Art Curator
Introducing Jeogina Muriska, our art curator at BoozArt. With a keen eye for quality and coherence, Jeogina meticulously selects and curates artworks. Her expertise ensures each virtual gallery tells a captivating story, engaging audiences globally.